Below are listed some of the modifications performed on my customs.  This list is not all inclusive and should not be construed as such.  Because my style of building is constantly evolving, it is nearly impossible to include all of the changes as they occur.  Be assured that when your custom goes to bench, it will be treated to the latest styles and innovations I have to offer.


    Click on the underlined items below for a picture.

    The Accuracy Department

Match Barrel
Precision fitted and insuring accuracy far superior to the standard factory barrel.  Throated and polished for proper hardball, semi-wadcutter and hollow point ammunition.  Includes a solid match barrel bushing, link, link pin and flush crowning.  

Match Barrel With Integral Feed Ramp

I recommend integral feed ramped barrels for high pressure cartridges such as the 38 Super and 9X23.  Includes solid match bushing, link and link pin.

Acc-U-Rail System
A patened process invented by master gunsmith Bob Krieger, in which the slide and frame are precisely machined to accept steel rod inserts for the bearing surface in which the slide rides.  In my opinion, the best way of achieving a proper slide/frame fit when not utilizing an oversize slide and frame as the foundation for a custom build.

Fit and Lap Oversize Slide/Frame
Building your custom on a slide/frame that has oversize rails for a 'gunsmith fit'?  By a combination of careful machining and hand fitting, a very nice 'zero tolerance' slide/frame relationship is accomplished.  I prefer to build my customs using oversize slides and frames as the base.

    What You See Is What You Hit

Extreme Low Mount Fixed Sights
My most requested sight.  Beyond rugged, aethetically pleasing and more important - offering a sight picture second to none.  Includes dovetailed front sight.

Adjustable Sights
My method of installation allows the sight to be low mounted and buried in a functionally attractive manner.  Provides an outstanding sight picture.  All sharp edges are 'melted' to provide for snag free carry.  
Includes dovetailed front sight.

    Some Of The Basics

Lowered & Flaired Ejection Port
Allows for unimpeded ejection spent cases.

Extended Ejector
A bit extra nose for positive ejection.  Especially valuable when using light loads.

Match Grade Extractor
Beefier than factory extractors, with an extra deep hook.  Includes recutting, adjusting and polishing.

High Sweep Beavertail Grip Safety
By providing an extremely high grip on the pistol, this highly modified grip safety will help reduce muzzle flip while at the same time providing a much more comfortable hold.

FlushFit Grip Safety

Looking for deep cover concealabilty?  The gripping area is quite comfortable and hammer bite is non-existent when combined with the FlushFit Hammer.

Extended Thumb Safety

This street proven oversize thumb safety is designed for absolute control.  Available in either a competition or tactical width.  All edges are melted, of course.

Ambidextrous Extended Thumb Safety
Same as above, but with sweeps on both sides for weak hand control capabilities.

Aluminum Match Trigger

My well known skeletonized aluminum trigger.  Fitted for zero vertical play.

Commander Style Hammer

Superior in every way to any factory hammer out there.  Skeletonized to reduce lock-time.

FlushFit Hammer

Includes a match grade sear and disconnector to assure you the best in trigger performance.

Trigger Job
Clean and crisp.  Accurate shot placement relies on it.  Includes a computer designed and computer assist machined (CAD/CAM) sear, made from 4340 alloy steel and an oversize disconnector to assure you the best in trigger performance.

Titanium Hammer Strut/Mainspring Cap
Aids in giving a slightly faster lock time.

Smoothed & Contoured Magazine Release

Extended for easy engagement, but without any possibility of snagging clothing at the wrong moment.

Extended & Checkered Magazine Release

Fine line checkered for positive non-slip engagement.

Beveled Magazine Well
The minimum for rapid magazine changes.

Oversize Magazine Well

Does not add to overall height or width of the grip, yet dramatically increases the opening size of the magazine well.  The 'key' is lightning  fast magazine changes are needed.  Custom fitted exotic wood grips are included.

Round Butt of Frame

Not only does this offer more comfort while shooting, it also creates less 'shadow effect' while carrying concealed.  An absolute must for short frames.

    The Beauty Of The Beast

First, a Word About Metal Checkering:
It has been said that if there is one thing about custom pistolsmiths that separate the men from the boys, it's metal checkering.  Metal checkering from just about all pistolsmiths (and certainly from all factory 'customs') is completely machine cut.  This certainly makes sense when you realize that hand cut checkering has very much become a lost art.

Not from this shop.

You see, I believe in pride of ownership.  The pride that comes from knowing you own the very best, not just another product from a machine on an assembly line.

The checkering from this shop is a combination of careful machining and hand cutting.  Sharp, deep and flawless.  No crosscuts or overruns.  Each perfect diamond painstakingly attended to.

Expensive?  You bet.  Consider this though, American Handgunner magazine stated, "With Brian's metal serrating and checkering, it's hard to draw the line between craft and art.  In applying his considerable metalworking skills to utilitarian features, Brian attains the highest form of pistolsmithing."

To see it is to understand it.

Hybrid Checkered Front Strap
Always striving for new and better innovations, I spent a year carrying and using the new Hybrid Checkering on my personal carry gun.  Further confirming the advantages of this unconventional checkering, my wife also tested this same experimental treatment on her concealed carry piece.

The results?  Extreme success.

The pictures highlighted here, picture #1, picture #2, and picture #3, show the stark difference from traditional checkering, but a bit of explanation is in order as to why I pursued this new concept.

As we all know, normal checkering can sometimes have a propensity to snag on certain types of clothing.  So the idea here was to keep the edges clean, allowing for no clothing snags or catches, and a nice smooth draw from concealment.  The hand follows the horizontal grooves without so much as the smallest amount of drag, then when you make the grasp, your gun locks in just like on traditional checkering.

It's definitely different.  The ergonamics of this design have far exceeded my hopes and expectations, and aesthetically it looks just... plain... hot.

Using a special jig that I designed and built, the radius of the front strap is first 'perfected'.  At this point, the initial lines, both horizontal and vertical, are machined.  This makes for perfect alignment.  Then, using a series of special 60 degree files, each diamond and serration is individually brought to point by hand.  Finally, the area is gently bead blasted to take away any 'sharpness', which prevents dicomfort when firing.  

Contour & Hybrid Checker Mainspring Housing
Begining with a carbon or stainless steel blank, I again use another special jig of my own design to radius the mainspring housing flush with the frame, machine the initial horizontal and vertical lines, then bring each diamond and serration to point by hand.  Gently bead blasted, it gives a very nice (but secure) 'soapbar' feel that the checkering from this shop is famous for ( picture #1 and picture #2 ).

FlatBack & Serrate Rear of Slide and Sight
Offered only with the Extreme Low Mount fixed sight, this option  presents an amazing and clean sight picture, not to mention a true custom touch.  Utilized in conjunction with an oversize firing pin stop and match grade extractor.

Flatten Top of Slide With Serrations

A very appealing option for those desiring a little 'something extra' on their custom, the top of the slide is flattened and 40 line per inch serrations are added.

American Border Slide
Fine lines are cut on the sides of the slide where the 'flats' meet the upper radius and lower bevel.

High Power Cuts to Slide
Add a touch of class to your 1911.

    The Finishing Touch

Detail Complete Pistol
Some call it melting, but I use a  file not a grinding wheel.  Every sharp edge is given an identically angled cut.  In addition, all lines of the pistol are straightened and any factory machining marks are removed.   The slide stop is given a 'makeover', and the slide stop hole is recessed.  On any custom I make, attention to detail is of the utmost importance.  Each and every part is individually modified until it achieves absolute perfection, both aesthetically and ergonomically.  Anybody can install parts. The difference in my work comes from making sure that all of the parts and pieces that make up a pistol 'flow' together.

Standard Grade Blue
Satin finished and hot blued for a beautiful non-glare finish.

Master Grade Blue

A specialty in itself.  All non-flats are bead blasted for a glare free matte effect.  The sides are then hand polished using  liberal amounts of 'elbow grease''.  The old fashioned way.  No power buffing or such 'time saving' devices are used.  This is the only way to keep all lettering and pin holes sharp and crisp.  A lot of work and certainly not cheap, but the end result is well worth it.  A deep, dark and rich blue that never ceases to amaze.  Sorry, but deep scratches and pitting must be charged extra, and will only be agreed to after inspection.

Hard Chroming
A tough and durable stainless steel look.  Brushed (by hand, of course) sides with matte non-flats, or completely matte finished, hard chrome does not affect close tolerances, yet provides outstanding protection and lubricity.  Excellent for humid climates, as it helps guard against rust.  A hard chromed lower matched with a blued slide is a stunning contrast.

Refinish Stainless Steel Pistol
All non-flats are bead blasted and the flats are hand polished to a beautiful 'brushed' appearance.  Stainless steel pistols have long been a specialty of this shop.

Hard Anodizing of Aluminum Frame
Bead blasted to match the bead blasted steel small parts, a necessary refinishing for any aluminum (lightweight) frame.


Custom Smoothed & Contoured Grips

When carrying in an Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB), these grips offer a 'soapbar' feel that won't chafe or rub against your skin or undershirt.  When combined with a checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing, a fast and extremely secure grip is offered.  Custom made in shop to perfectly match the contour of your frame.  My favorite is Exhibition Grade French Walnut.