A deposit is required at the time your order is placed. All deposits are non-refundable.  If you are supplying the base gun on which modifications are to be performed, please do not ship it until notified by me to do so. There's no reason why your pistol should be sitting in my safe while I'm working on someone else's.  For some advice on just which manufacturer's firearms I prefer to work on, please e-mail me.  They are definitely not all the same!

It is legal for any gun owner in the USA to ship their own firearms to me via FedEx or UPS. You do not need to have your dealer do this. Be sure to pack your firearm securely so that no damage can occur through rough handling. Insure the package for its full replacement value. All complete handguns must be shipped overnight, either via FedEx or UPS.

Make sure to include your name, address and phone number inside the package.  While I strive to maintain a stable price structure, all prices are subject to change without notice due to economic conditions over which I have no control. All work will be billed at prevailing prices at the time of completion and a statement, including balance due, will be sent to you. This will be your notification that your custom is near completion and the balance is due. I do my best to keep turn-around time to a minimum, but will NOT sacrifice quality to do so. Please do not contact me to check on the status of your order. I am just as anxious for you to receive your custom as you are, and every minute spent answering such inquiries is time that I can not devote to the bench.

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